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The Kiddush exists as an extension of the Shabbat Service. Our Congregation would like to encourage the feeling of community by having our families celebrate together.

Beth Hillel Bnai Emunah offers a Basic Kiddush every week with the opportunity to add a variety of a la carte enhancements. To sponsor a full Kiddush there is a required Base Fee of $1,400. This fee includes set up, linens, maintenance, two serving staff, and a basic menu for the congregation. It is requested that Kiddush Sponsors provide 2-3 bottles of Scotch &/or Bourbon.

Kiddush can also be enhanced as well, for any contribution. You can make a donation to our  Kiddush fund online here, and please contact the office if you would like to sponsor Kiddush for any occasion. 

Thu, October 21 2021 15 Cheshvan 5782